5 min 18 sec
Animated film

directed by Erick Oh
music by Vivaldi ( Four Seasons )
produced at UCLA Animation Workshop
distributed by Animpact films

 「Symphony」portrays a sentient creature trying to escape from a reality of being swept away and assimilated into the mainstream, regardless of its own will. The topic of this abstractedly crafted animation applies to anything that struggles to be free. It can be a phenomenon occurring deep within the mind, or an individual confronting the standardized masses. There is no concrete answer to these questions; the only role I play is to showcase reality. The solution and conclusion of the story is open for interpretation.

  As a final note, the art and flow created in this animation is my interpretation of Vivaldi's "Summer", a concerto from The Four Seasons.

「Symphony」는 형이상학적 추상 공간을 자유로이 유영하는 미세한 '점'의 여행을 비발디 사계 음악과 접목시킨 영상작품이다. 세포조직으로 표현된 '점' 덩어리들이 떠있는 세계관은 거시적인 외부 풍광과 심해 공간을 연상시킨다. 접합과 변이, 분열과 팽창을 거듭하며 투쟁하듯 다이나믹하게 움직이는 주인공의 생물학적 이미지는 자유를 위해 저항하는 인간의 모습에 대한 은유이다.

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